The Importance of Meaning in life and Print Shop Victoria Business Ideals

As I spoke about in a previous blog, I had the honor of listing to Jordan Peterson debate Sam Harris in Vancouver this past weekend at an historic theater called the Orphelian off Granville street. They debated about the importance of religion in today’s society. Sam Harris, an atheist is of the belief that religion serves no good, only harm … Read More

Weekend wrapup

This weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Vancouver and doing some more research about print shop Victoria while taking in the sights and sounds of the big city. This was the first time I had left Vancouver island in several months and it was nice to get out of t shirt printing Victoria for a few days and … Read More

Vancouver, Victoria BC and the difference between them.

So I’ve been in Vancouver for 24 hrs now just observing, driving around and getting a feel for this massive city. I am here on business but I also love seeing new places and taking in the vibe the city gives off. Vancouver is pretty special, though it is a quite a contrast to print shop Victoria, there are some … Read More

Print Shop Diaries ep 3

Well I am headed to Vancouver to learn a thing or two from the great Jordan Peterson and sam harris. Although they won’t be teaching me about running a successful print shop Victoria, they will be debating whether free will exists or not. Not quite an easy topic to unpack and I suspect the discourse will be quite lively and … Read More

Print shop diaries ep 2

Well this week was pretty successful for setting up a print shop Victoria. I managed to load up about half of the equipment that I had purchased and got it down to my facility in Langford. I had lots of equipment from the other business, so I began the reno by loading that all up and re distributing it to … Read More

New Styles, New Life, New Print Shop Victoria

New Styles, New Life Do you realize that a change in how you look can be the start of a change in how you feel? A slight change in your t shirt printing Victoria can be the little spark needed to go from zero to hero. If you are in a rut, or if you are stuck, or if you … Read More

New Equipment and New Beginnings and New T shirt Printing Victoria

So when I moved here from Alberta I didn’t think I was going to be getting back into the screen printing business in Victoria, BC. I had other plans. My old partners and I were actively seeking out a restaurant space for a second location for our very popular and loved, Block: Kitchen and Bar in Banff, AB. But things … Read More