The Unknowing, New Business and T Shirt Printing Victoria

One thing that’s always nerve-wracking when building a new business from the ground up is not knowing what your exact costs will be and then once you do budget correctly and making sure you’re able to pay your bills on time. Since you don’t really have any frame of reference as far as what sales to expect it’s such a leap of faith to just assume, you’ll be able to pay your bills by sales that you’re not sure if they’ll come in or not. I think the not knowing is one of the big deterrent from allowing more people to start up their own businesses. You simply just don’t know what the future holds in year one and you just have to walk the plank and hope that you are going to fall into water and not into a pool of sharks like t shirt printing Vancouver.

Thankfully this is my fifth business and I do have some experience with dealing with the feeling of uncertainty and unknowing. Doesn’t get easier I think as long as I try and plan my cost as best as possible, I should be able to deal with the uncertainties that is manageable and doesn’t overwhelm me. There is always risk in starting something new and diving headfirst into it obviously at the end of the day if you feel your service or product is something that the marketplace can use then you have to take that leap of faith and dive in head-first even when you don’t know what’s at the bottom the ocean that you’re diving into. We are first attempting to service the t shirt printing victoria market.

I think with this I believe that we’re going to offer a new way of printing and fulfillment and drop shipping in Canada that the market does warrant and if we can sort out the details and make it make sense for us to complete in a timely fashion with some money left over for us for our services then the market should respond accordingly and user services. There is so much to figure out still and everything does look optimistic and promising but since this is a completely new territory for me every day is new and every day leaves me with answers from previous questions but it also leaves me with a whole host of new questions that I need to find the answer. So, it’s a continual state of learning and then a continual discovery of Unknowing which is unsettling and exciting and nerve-wracking. the progress comes in life from discovering something new out of the potential that is in front of you and that’s what starting a new business is. You have an idea it has potential and you have to go harness that Potential from the Unknowing.

I think the best way to do that is to operate on the level of Truth and honesty and in business trying to deliver a service that the customer is happy with every single time. So, for me and for printing that means trying to offer the best possible product and to meet my deadlines that I set for myself and that I tell the customer and then to communicate with them whether I have good news for them or bad news for them. If we can maintain an open and honest way of doing business our customers will appreciate and respect that. That is the fundamental way that we are going to work with t shirt printing nanaimo. We have a service because it’s really as simple as that. I’m hoping that we can automate everything possible that will allow us to spend the most time with the customer and our automation processes will reduce the amount of time we spend on redundant tasks that we are currently doing manually.

Once we get all the Automation and software up and running it’s just a question of fine tuning our processes for receiving orders for ordering garments from the supplier for printing and then for dropshipping. All the new SEO work we’re doing to expose ourselves to different markets across Canada and then also spending time making sale here locally and drive in the local market and t shirt printing Kamloops. We looked at new space today which is right downtown and has a lot of potential for us it would take us to the next level being that we are currently way out of the way in Langford which obviously no street view if we could get that space and optimize our procedures in the next few months I think we could take our business to the next level later on this year my main goal for the next few months is to make the decision to move downtown and then have everything set up for Success so that when we open our new doors downtown we are top notch printers that can deliver a great product on time for the local Marketplace.


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