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So I’m officially about halfway through with the big order of 500 t-shirts which is a one color front and then a 4-color side logo. Yesterday I got through another hundred of them the issue is the sleeve is just taking forever we didn’t set up the Arts perfectly so the black prince before the yellow and then the yellow has to print on top of the black devil runs around the press to really get a good opening color. Lesson learned about color separation and making sure the art is set up perfectly before you begin at this point in time, I don’t feel like I want to reburn some screens and edit the artwork so I’m just powering through.  

I think I have a boat 260 shirts left so I’m just about halfway through and if I can get another hundred twenty done tomorrow probably, I should be able to finish on time by Tuesday which is the deadline that I set for myself.  I’ve learned a few things having to deal with an overwhelming amount of church and having no one else to rely on which is to Simply divide the number of shirts by the appropriate amount and just grind it out and get them done. It’s very defeating however when you have to turn the Press so many more times and you need to because of an error that you made at the beginning of the process which leads to hours more work on press to make it right.

So now that we’ve learnt another lesson, we should be better in the future so that’s good.  T shirt printing Vancouver is coming next, we’re making headlines and head weighs on that front which is great. I’m hoping one day that we might actually be able to move to Vancouver if the business warrants. I know it’s a much bigger Marketplace there but there’s also so much more that the city make an offer in terms of opportunity and growth. But the first step will be just to move out of Langford to downtown Victoria and see what happens with that first phase. We I found a great place to move into and we are going to try to make a deal with the landlord who seems intent on having us there so we will see what happens with that.  I’m not in a rush to move anywhere but I do feel that it’s the business is at a certain level I think moving downtown, for a more central and commercial space will be a great idea since we are going to where the customers are and then we have a place to host them, show our work and make them feel comfortable. The tentative plan is to move  by the end of June when the lease is up here so I’m hoping we have three good months till then so it makes sense to move.

W are quickly expanding into New Markets on Vancouver Island like t shirt printing Nanaimo as well as some other places in the mainland which is the final goal.  we are launching our new software later this week in Savannah is working hard on ironing out all the bugs and making sure we have a great customer experience to offer people. So, things are starting to move and come together to the Future we just hope the business continues to come our way.  our direct to garment printer should be here at the beginning of March we are super excited to use that.  we will be setting up its own room because it needs to be climate-controlled and humidity controlled as well as cat and dog proof. So I have a room set aside that is kind of a leftover closet with a bunch of shelving and that will be the direct to garment printer room sealed off from the rest of the facility.

With the you direct to garment printer we should be able to print one off for people all over Canada including people wanting t shirt printing Kamloops. When we have the printer installed as well as our software launch with its own design tools, we can then allow people to update upload their own designs on our website and she’s their garment and pay for everything automatically. That is the current Gulf to be up and running by March and I think that will help us go to the next level and if it does and sales improve from month to month we will then commit to the new space and move in there by the end of summer. The goal is to become a leading print on demand Canada company that services the entire nation from our home base here in beautiful downtown Victoria, which happens to be voted the most romantic city in all of Canada. We really do love it here and we are excited to be moving downtown to get in the game and meet everyone in the local community. I’ve been keeping myself very secluded here in Langford and now we are ready to join the game as a real player that can help the local community here on the island.


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