Social Media Marketing, T shirt Printing Victoria BC and the Link Between Them

Everyone knows social media management is important in 2018 but do you know how much? Social media content based marketing is everything for a business today. It is literally the most important way to get your message across. It is also extremely undervalued at this day. There is a gold rush for attention and we are all fighting for it. The price we pay for video production and media production is a fraction of what it is going to cost in a few years.

You see when the big companies begin to realize that spending 80B a year on TV commercials that NO ONE IS WATCHING, is a waste of time and they realize that they need to move their efforts into the social media game, what do you think the cost of make my own commercials is going to do? It’s going to SKYROCKET.  Instagram marketing and facebook marketing is extremely undervalued simply because the big guys aren’t dropping the big bucks on these platforms, yet. But they will, oh they will, rest assured. Right now this is a gold rush. And we are all -fighting for user attention.  User attention is a commodity, and paying for it is cheap right now. The best thing any business can do is build their social media following through content based marketing.  Video production is the best way to do that. Video, voice, picture and lastly written word. No one is reading anymore these days, it’s too slow. People want to absorb media through video and voice primarily. It’s the easiest media to process.

Another aspect you can think of when trying to get your message across to the masses is using a print shop Victoria to screen print your message onto your clothing then have models or influencers represent your brand by wearing those custom clothing Victoria on their own pages to influence their followers directly. The focus and benefit here is that your advertisement is not in their face, it takes a more natural approach by just slipping into a channel of media they are familiar with and follow organically. Some people are just generally offended by ads in their feed so by using facebook and Instagram influencers with your screen printing Victoria branded clothing you bypass that offence and slip your brand into content they are familiar and accepting of. This is a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers.

Another good way is to get a t shirt printing Victoria bc shop to print your logo onto a garment and have your employees wear that item at events in public, sports events or anything where people are capturing media in a natural setting. Street fairs, community gatherings etc.  This is another, very subtle way of getting your logo and brand out into the world online. It is a good way of registering your logo for the first time, you won’t have any benefit of actually selling something, but they say it takes a potential customer 7 times to see a brand before they consider buying.