Local clients and nationwide ambitions

So this week I had the opportunity to do a live podcast and video stream on YouTube and Facebook with Cam from Monument limited we talked about how screen printers across the country in America and Canada and local clients through the process of Google ranking and improving their website. This is called search engine optimization and I was one of the guest speakers to talk about how local screen printing shop and improve their local ranking on Google. I used the knowledge I have gained over the past few months with our own Raincross printshop Google ranking and shared all the tips and tricks I have accumulated over that period of time. Since you was all fresh in my head it was quite easy to go over and I slowed everything down and spoke clearly in a way that hopefully everyone can understand, even those who do not know much about Google, Google my business, or Google ranking.  Summarize for you guys I’m going to go over a few of the tips that I told Cam and the audience about how to improve your ranking on Google.

 The first thing you need to understand is that there is two ranking measurements on Google. The first one are the maps results, those are the top three search results that you see that our directory directly related to the proximity of the user and the businesses that come up.  Map results are basically businesses that are close to you, the user, who is searching for that keyword.  Let’s say that I am searching for t shirt printing Victoria and I am in Langford, my Langford location will show up since there are no other t-shirt printers in that area.  If I search for t shirt printing Victoria and I am in downtown Victoria, another screen printer who is closer to me on my phone will show up first.  proximity is the first ranking tool Google uses to rank those maps results businesses. what you need to do with Google my business is make sure that your business category is correct. So if you are a screen printer make sure your primary category is exactly, and if you have the option to add other subcategories that you also make sure you put all those into your Google profile, add up to five of them.  OK Google the opportunity to allow you to rank for keywords that aren’t quite what you focus on but you might so that this will give you the best chance to show up in ranks based off of associated keywords that are indirectly related.

The next thing you need to focus on is the actual organic web results from Google.  This is where your website will show up in the top 10 results of the first page and once you do that’s when the magic starts to happen. It is said to believe that the first hit, the number one hit on Google gets 50% of the clicks, the 2nd rank gets 33% and then the remaining three to ten get the remaining 17%. So you can see that the magic starts to happen once you’re in the top three for t shirt printing abbotsford.

The best way to improve your web result is to create backlinks. I crank is where you post your link to your website all over the internet on sites that Google is fond of and deems trustworthy.  Ranking on Google is a painstaking process that requires daily work and attention. It is not the best interest to just blast Google with back legs everyday take a month off to be none. Much better practice to do a slow and steady posting of back every single day and every to Malaysia build up over time your site nicely in the eyes of Google and it will increase and improve in it’s ranking. This is the strategy we are using to improve our print on demand Canada and in the hopes that we can get to rank nationally for that keyword at the same time as our is done for Shopify integration.  If we can get to the top of Google for dropshipping Canada in a couple months when the Shopify app is done we should be able to get some new business from being exposed to people searching for that keyword.  It’s obviously a leap of faith but seeing how much distance we are getting just from ranking for screen printing Victoria, in our own little community, I do have lots of faith that we should be able to grow our business by ranking in other cities across Canada.

We are enjoying the business we have been getting from our local marketplace in victoria bc. There is a definite need for custom clothing for schools, sports teams, businesses and brands all alike. We think we can do well here and set up a fun home base downtown to then have an adequate sized space that will allow us to expand our service offering to add more services as it seems people want a lot of different types of services so we are planning to accommodate all of them and turn into a large, full scale creative agency that helps businesses and brands develop products and helps them sell them on the marketplace online.

Our new main focus for keyword improvement will be to start ranking in new cities and regions across the country over time. That coupled with the new software will allow us to sell to people all across Canada and once we have both in place, our website will be a force that sells our services to Canadians all over the country. Hopefully we can build ourselves up to one of the leading printers, that being screen printing as well as direct to garment printing, embroidery and sublimation printing, and vinyl cutting as well. If we can add all these services we will have a well stocked arsenal of services that we can offer to anyone looking for dropshipping Canada.

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