The Importance of Meaning in life and Print Shop Victoria Business Ideals

As I spoke about in a previous blog, I had the honor of listing to Jordan Peterson debate Sam Harris in Vancouver this past weekend at an historic theater called the Orphelian off Granville street. They debated about the importance of religion in today’s society. Sam Harris, an atheist is of the belief that religion serves no good, only harm in today’s world and Peterson argues that we can’t just give up on religion as it has provided meaning and an outline as to how we act as individuals and collectively as tribes for our entire human history providing us maps of meaning and purpose. I saw both of their points having valid arguments and could understand most of what they were expressing. I felt the most benefit I could take from this event was to try and process the underlying themes and translate them into ways I could apply them to my life and my purpose here on earth.

What I took away from it all was extremely positive. No matter whose side you are on,  it doesn’t really matter, what matters is how you live your life and how your actions benefit yourself and those around you, your country and your god. That’s really ALL you can control, your actions.  So, why not do what is best for you, for your family, for your country and your higher power? To live that way is to live in a way that exudes the most benefit you can put into the world.

What we hope to achieve with Rain Coast Print shop is to establish a leading print shop Victoria that offers the lowest possible pricing with the highest print quality and customer service ratings. This t shirt printing Victoria business WILL be the leader in quality, service and customer retention.  I simply cannot think of what is more important in a business than those 3 pillars. Peterson reaffirmed for me that if you do good onto others, good will be done onto you. So that is what I am planning on doing with my life, and my new business at Rain Cost. We will make sure you are thrilled with your orders, so you are confident in referring us to your friends down the road. That will be the stable of the business, referrals. I will not feel comfortable asking for a referral if we do not offer our best possible work. If you are looking for clothing printing Victoria, or screen printing Victoria then please give us a chance to give you a quote, price and logo design. We promise to do our best, which, with our skill, really should be enough to leave you thrilled with your order.

Peterson is a tremendous mind with tons of insight into how best act in this world. The more I learn from him, the more I will adopt in my life and business and the more I will be able to improve myself. Everything is a work in progress, especially ourselves.