Local clients and nationwide ambitions

So this week I had the opportunity to do a live podcast and video stream on YouTube and Facebook with Cam from Monument limited we talked about how screen printers across the country in America and Canada and local clients through the process of Google ranking and improving their website. This is called search engine optimization and I was one … Read More

500 Shirts – T Shirt Printing Victoria

So I’m officially about halfway through with the big order of 500 t-shirts which is a one color front and then a 4-color side logo. Yesterday I got through another hundred of them the issue is the sleeve is just taking forever we didn’t set up the Arts perfectly so the black prince before the yellow and then the yellow … Read More

Large Volume T Shirt Printing Victoria Orders

So, this week we’ve had quite a few orders come in that are relatively large. large is enlarged for us which is to say that they are over a few hundred shirts. We haven’t really done a bigger order than 250 shirts before so when we got an order of 500 shirts and then another order of 150 shirts in … Read More

Need for Print on Demand Canada

Need for Print on Demand in Canada It seems more and more obvious every day that passes that there is a big market for print on demand Canada Services needs to be fulfilled. It seems like now more than ever people have creativity while they’ve always had creativity but now they also have the ability to easily set up an … Read More

The Unknowing, New Business and T Shirt Printing Victoria

One thing that’s always nerve-wracking when building a new business from the ground up is not knowing what your exact costs will be and then once you do budget correctly and making sure you’re able to pay your bills on time. Since you don’t really have any frame of reference as far as what sales to expect it’s such a … Read More

Hello world!

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Styles and Brands at Print Shop Victoria

What excites me about getting back into the t shirt printing victoria business is the ability and willingness to serve my local community by providing them with the highest quality custom clothing victoria I can offer. We have partnered with only the best blank apparel Canada distributors to offer you the lowest pricing available on all t shirt printing victoria … Read More

The Importance of Meaning in life and Print Shop Victoria Business Ideals

As I spoke about in a previous blog, I had the honor of listing to Jordan Peterson debate Sam Harris in Vancouver this past weekend at an historic theater called the Orphelian off Granville street. They debated about the importance of religion in today‚Äôs society. Sam Harris, an atheist is of the belief that religion serves no good, only harm … Read More

Weekend wrapup

This weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Vancouver and doing some more research about print shop Victoria while taking in the sights and sounds of the big city. This was the first time I had left Vancouver island in several months and it was nice to get out of t shirt printing Victoria for a few days and … Read More

New Styles, New Life, New Print Shop Victoria

New Styles, New Life Do you realize that a change in how you look can be the start of a change in how you feel? A slight change in your t shirt printing Victoria can be the little spark needed to go from zero to hero. If you are in a rut, or if you are stuck, or if you … Read More