Need for Print on Demand Canada

Need for Print on Demand in Canada

It seems more and more obvious every day that passes that there is a big market for print on demand Canada Services needs to be fulfilled. It seems like now more than ever people have creativity while they’ve always had creativity but now they also have the ability to easily set up an online store and put their creative designs on to all Corp types of media but they can sell and make some money on the side or eventually turn it into a real working e-commerce business. And that’s all very very exciting. In today’s global economy where it’s relatively easy to reach a large number of people in your local community or even in the world that have the same interest that you do it obviously makes sense that you can find people who might be into what you’re offering. So what we are seeing is an explosion in online creativity and brand of element and new products brought to the marketplace that are sold from all countries and delivered to other countries across the globe relatively quickly and cheaply. This is what you call dropshipping Canada.

Dropshipping is where you set up an online store and acquire goods from other parts of the world and ship them to your customers after they purchase the product from your store. This way of doing business is relatively new I would say it’s about 10 years old maybe less and it offers some very big advantages over the traditional business model of retail.

The main advantage of drop-shipping in Canada is that you can set up a store very cheaply using Shopify and then you don’t even need to invest in inventory like you did in years. In this model you simply are a gateway for the customer to find a product they want and when they purchase the product from your store then you purchase the product from your supplier and shipped directly to your customer. You are basically acting as a portal or a gateway 2 meat supplier with consumer demands.  this is really exciting because now you don’t need to invest  money in start-up inventory run the risk of not selling all of your products and sitting on products that don’t sell. You also don’t need that much space to run a drop-shipping business. You don’t even need to stalk any real product on hand. This is quite a benefit because all you really need to operate a drop-shipping Canada business is a storefront like on a great platform like Shopify. you basically can run it out of your office in your home and if you put the work in to building your store up so that people can find your product the people that are interested in your product all you need to do is just make sure your store is running optimally and that’s about it. you can see theoretically run your store from a laptop wherever you are.

What we want to do with Rain Coast Print Shop is act as a Drop Shipping wholesaler for anyone that wants to print their creative ideas onto custom t shirts and then sell those garments to their customers in Canada.  so basically what we do is when someone makes a sale on Shopify we get notified and then we order the garments from our supplier printed with your design package it up for shipping and then drop it off at the post office for you and then Canada Post ships it to your final customer.  I believe there is a big market for our service as there are only a few drop shipping companies that will work with the print-on-demand business model in Canada.  the issue with Drop Shipping in Canada Canada Post very in affordable when it comes to shipping across the Nation. and when people make a small purchase online like one or two t-shirts cost to be a barrier hold the customer back for making the purchase.  the psychology and online shipping is people don’t really see shipping as part of the price of the and therefore cannot justify the shipping spoiled transaction big fees that they simply don’t want to pay. This is a hurdle that we will need to solve fact remains that dropshipping in Canada is quite a big Market that we hope to be able to satisfy as we grow.  for now we are going to continue to grow in the local BC Marketplace and try and service t-shirt printing Vancouver first and foremost and if that market responds well we will Branch out across Canada.

One thing that we are learning is that screen printing is not an effective way to satisfy the dropshipping market. With dropshipping you have several different one or two shirts printed at a time with different designs from one another and this is not suitable for screen printing. Screen printing is better suited for customers that want a hundred shirts of the same design that you can put on your press finish that order relatively quickly. For dropshipping you need a direct to garment printer and that allows you to have all of your different client design saved in a print-ready format on your computer and all you need to do is load up your shirt and hit print printer will do the rest and it does not matter how many colors each design has.  what type of printing is far superior to handle small orders that are intricate and detailed and screen-printing is more suitable for handling large orders that are simpler or at least less colors in the designs, that is why we offer both types of printing here at Rain Coast Print Shop.


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