About Us

Our Goal

We will become a leading screen printing Victoria shop in BC that documents everything we do for Youtube.

Our goal is to become one of the best boutique screen printing shops in Canada that shares everything we do through Youtube. We will achieve our goal by offering the best quality screen printing, duh, and also film our entire journey with you all to follow along. We will begin filming by the end of 2018 so stay tuned for daily vlogs, tutorials and videos of our process and work. Also, you’ll be able to get to know us and who we are! We believe putting ourselves out there for everyone to see will build trust and a bond between us and our customers.

Community Focus

We are based in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island and encourage anyone interested in screen printing to come out and meet us at the shop!

  • Live Events

    We also will offer live t shirt printing victoria events and classes to teach others how to screen print.

  • Outreach Programs

    We will gladly work with community programs and non profits to help their causes and offer our services at a non profit rate for those who qualify

  • Come and meet us

    Please feel free to come and stop in and meet the team, and pets!

Meet our awesome team.

Our team comes first. With a cohesive, lighthearted and fun work environment, we are able to come together and create the best product and customer experience possible. You’ll see!

Andy B. Team Leader

Andy is a pure bred entrepreneur. He is compiling all the knowledge he has learnt about screen printing, digital media and marketing over the last 3 years to make Rain Coast a trusted print shop Canada wide.

Tamara H. Art Director

Tam is a true artist. She is the lead on all print jobs and has a role in client relations, and customer service. She has an eye for detail, big heart and has a passion to produce great art.

Siobhan C. Managing Partner

Siobhan is a one woman media powerhouse! She is extremely skilled at creating all types of digital media from video, to picture and written content. She handles our creative, web design, UI/UX and Facebook-Google integrated ad campaigns.

Steve D.Graphic Design

Steve is a graphic design wizard with over 20 years of experience pushing pixels across the screen. Armed with considerable knowledge, he’s our go-to for everything graphic related. He’s the guy that will turn that idea in your head into a logo we can work with.

Madison T. Printer

Madison comes in to help print larger jobs. She lifts our spirits and maintains our high standards.

Indy Dog Staff Support

Indy is our 1 year old Samoyed puppy shop dog! He is with us every day and gives us support and good cheer. He is looking forward to meeting you and will give you lots of hugs, licks and happiness. He accepts all forms of payments including treats, chimken and hugs.