Large Volume T Shirt Printing Victoria Orders

So, this week we’ve had quite a few orders come in that are relatively large. large is enlarged for us which is to say that they are over a few hundred shirts. We haven’t really done a bigger order than 250 shirts before so when we got an order of 500 shirts and then another order of 150 shirts in the same day, we were quite pleased and surprised. Siobhan got all the artwork ready together and burn the screens for me and set them aside and then taped them off.  now she is familiar with all of those tasks and will do that for now on while I continue to do the actual printing. When we are up and running with this we are going to go continue Inland into the t shirt printing kamloops marketplace and go eastward from there.

The order of 500 shirts is a simple one-color print on the front and then a four-color print that is about 2 inches in diameter on the right sleeve.  one color prints on the front went by pretty quickly I would say that I bang that out in about four hours which screen printing world is actually quite slow but for me since I’m getting used to everything still, I would say was an okay time. I know I can improve on that time and I think I will overtime but for now I am happy with that. The sleeves however have taken a lot longer and I think I am not doing it in the most efficient way possible. For starters the sleeve pallets that we have had years of old pallet tape and don’t step on them and they didn’t have the correct bracket on them as well. So, the first step was to clean the old pallets off which took a little bit but it wasn’t too bad on to them and make sure the surface was smooth and ready and acceptable for printing and then I had to mount the brackets on to them and make sure everything was leveled. Everything turned out okay but I only was able to get seven points up and running on the press instead of age as I am missing a bracket for that last palette maybe one day, I’ll find it in the box of stuff but for now I’m just using seven instead of eight. small logo on the on the sleeve is a 2-inch diameter circular logo. The shirts are black and the logo is White.  So, it took two coats of the white and under base and then a top layer print flash print to get the white opaque enough.  Then I printed a black ink layer to highlight the tree.  After that it was the two-color layers are red and yellow.

 7 shirts take me about 15 minutes to complete unfortunately it seems pretty slow to me and I can’t really make it go any faster. I’m about to resume printing right now and I’m going to try to print wet-on-wet I might be able to get all the white and down in one pass if I really load it up and then we will see if I can print the other colors on top without much of a flash.  this should speed up the whole process drastically as I’m spending a lot of time waiting there for the ink to cure under The flash.  regardless and either way I’m having a good time with my new job in my new life and t shirt printing vancouver is quite satisfying when you actually get it right and there’s no mistakes to be made.

I’m looking forward to start to get orders off our new website and our new software Siobhan is building next week and we should be up and running by then.  we will have an online store is linked up to our supplier where you can see what colors we have available and you can see the prices of the shirts and then you can order and upload your design and pay all online.  No need to talk to the shop unless you have other questions. This will allow us to expand into other markets like t shirt printing Nanaimo on Vancouver Island which is the next place we are headed.

in about two weeks we will be getting our direct to garment printer the omniprint freejet 330tx Plus and we are so pumped to receive that.  is insanely expensive but I believe it will allow us to fulfill our print on demand Canada with our Drop Shipping clients all over the country.  what’s the direct to garment printer we are able to print very detailed designs onto one shirt at a time quite efficiently which can’t be achieved through traditional screen printing.


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