Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique Part 2

So to recap from part 1 of screen printing victoria, the process and technique we use for t shirt print victoria: we print the logo file onto clear photo paper. We prepare a fresh screen by curing it with photo emulsion ink and let it dry. Using an exposure unit we place the logo image on the screen mesh and … Read More

Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique

Here is an explanation of the screen printing victoria technique that we apply at print shop victoria, Rain Coast. It is the oldest and most widely used technique that has withstood the test of time. A screen is built with a square wood frame and a mesh is placed tightly over the frame and secured in place. The screen mesh … Read More

The staple of our business here at rain coast print shop victoria is custom clothing, screen printing but mainly t shirt print victoria. Many of our customers return time and again to fulfill small orders of custom t shirts for one off events like parties, live group events, sports games and just other fun small family gatherings. Screen printing victoria … Read More

T shirt Printing Victoria and Video Production Services

I thought long and hard about just having Rain Coast Print Shop over t shirt printing victoria services only through our own screen printing victoria processes. But there is so much more that my team can offer that the last few days I have been thinking about offering all those additional services to my local community. What I am talking … Read More