New Equipment and New Beginnings and New T shirt Printing Victoria

So when I moved here from Alberta I didn’t think I was going to be getting back into the screen printing business in Victoria, BC. I had other plans. My old partners and I were actively seeking out a restaurant space for a second location for our very popular and loved, Block: Kitchen and Bar in Banff, AB. But things didn’t end up that way. Instead, I sold my shares in that business and closed the book on life in Alberta completely. After realizing that my partners weren’t willing to open a 2nd location, I decided to pool my resources and go on the offensive, I just didn’t know which game I wanted to play yet.

The print shop that was for sale was about an hr north of where I am in Langford BC, it was up closer to Duncan. A very nice man named Mike had it for a few years and did well with it. Lately, he had some health issues with his shoulder and felt he didn’t want to continue as there is some physical demands that working with all that equipment and heavy supplies entail. So he decided to end his lease on his t shirt printing victoria bc business and move on. He found a dream job doing deliveries all over vancouver island, so it was easy for him to move on. 

We settled on a fair price, as this is basically and entire shop with all the supplies you can think of. We have so much paint, so many screens and all supporting tools and accessories needed to really get crazy with customs designs. I’m excited for the future of our logo design work, and graphic design work as well! I am anticipating that we can become one of the top print shop victoria in town!

So the equipment transfer began last night. I rented the 2nd biggest u haul available and headed north. We filled ¾ of the truck of just the supplies, paint and accessories. It was just him and I so there was no way we could life the equipment needed to do t shirt printing Victoria bc or any sort of custom clothing. He said he would have his son and friends come up next week and we could all load up everything needed for clothing printing Victoria. Today I unloaded the truck and began to set up my own print shop Victoria in my double garage at my house in Langford. It’s plenty big and will have lots of room to organize everything efficiently. I look forward to doing lots of screen printing Victoria starting I would say in early August. We have lots more to organize and set up, I’ll share it all as it comes together. I look forward to my own screen printing shop, I can’t believe I am getting back into graphic design work instead of opening up a 2nd restaurant but I am looking forward to working from home and giving my customers a great service experience!