How Dropshipping Canada and SEO Work – Part 2

How dropshipping Canada works, part 2. So being that our long term goal at Rain Cost is to be a leading dropshipper Canada for the nationwide market, I thought I would take some time to explain how I think it’s best to scale up from a local business like our current print shop victoria where we do custom clothing victoria … Read More

Dropshipper Canada Long Term Goal at Rain CoastPrint Shop Victoria

The rise of dropshipping Canada in the last decade has paved the way for many young entrepreneurs to grow new and exciting companies and ignite them like wildfire. Dropshipping Canada has become very popular because of the low barriers to entry, the unlimited potential and the access to millions of customers nationwide. If you have a good product, that’s affordable, … Read More

Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique Part 2

So to recap from part 1 of screen printing victoria, the process and technique we use for t shirt print victoria: we print the logo file onto clear photo paper. We prepare a fresh screen by curing it with photo emulsion ink and let it dry. Using an exposure unit we place the logo image on the screen mesh and … Read More

Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique

Here is an explanation of the screen printing victoria technique that we apply at print shop victoria, Rain Coast. It is the oldest and most widely used technique that has withstood the test of time. A screen is built with a square wood frame and a mesh is placed tightly over the frame and secured in place. The screen mesh … Read More

Screen Printing Victoria Shop Progress – None Today

So the shop hasn’t made any progress in a few days relating to it turing into an actual print shop victoria. The reason it hasn’t really moved much is because I have been focusing on my other brand and creating video and mostly written content to build up that website. Blog posts take quite a bit of time to carefully … Read More