Screen Printing Victoria Shop Progress – None Today

So the shop hasn’t made any progress in a few days relating to it turing into an actual print shop victoria. The reason it hasn’t really moved much is because I have been focusing on my other brand and creating video and mostly written content to build up that website. Blog posts take quite a bit of time to carefully construct, when you actually care about the person reading them and don’t just jam a few ideas into 500 words or so. But you know what takes even more time than that is video production, social media management and making my own commercials. That takes such a long time as you get wrapped up in your head and think ‘did that take work?’ or you screw up, fumble the words and take after take your speaking block gets worse and worse.

I find writing much easier than video production and speaking in from of the camera because my nerves are not at play when I’m writing and clothing printing victoria. The pen or the keyboard flows nicely from my thoughts directly to my finger tips. I wish I could type faster because my hands can’t keep up with my brain and I have to get my brain to repeat the sentence two or three times before my fingers catch up.

Anyway, back to t shirt printing victoria, well the shop isn’t any closer BUT Jessie the hot electrician is coming Wednesday to wire up the conveyor oven required to cure the ink into the t shirt printing victoria bc. Once that’s done, the two big tasks I have left is plumbing and building the dark room. Oh, and then organizing all the damn supplies in a way I can understand and also sorting everything out in a way that makes sense and allows the room and the work flow to process smoothly.

For the plumbing I am simply pvc piping a way from the sink to the outside drain around the bend from the garage door. For the dark room, I am thinking I’m going to use one of the upstairs walk in closets to create a permanent dark room. With the roommate moving out, I am able to convert this entire place info running both businesses. So let’s do it! There is nothing stopping me! Haha I love it. So when the dark room and the plumbing is done then I will have Mike, the seller of all the equipment come down and show me which chemicals are in which container and go through exactly what is used for what purpose. A lot of that stuff I missed and some of the containers have unmarked so there is no way of knowing what is in each thing without his help in identifying everything.  And I don’t know each chemical by smell yet like he does, so his help is crucial at this point.

Stay tuned for the launch of one of the best print shop victoria has ever seen! We are excited to be your neighbor and can’t wait to take care of all your screen printing victoria needs.