Keeping Your Equipment Clean at Print Shop Victoria

Everyone knows it’s of upmost important to clean your tools and equipment. What did your dad always say, T shirt printing victoria? Put your tool back in place after you’re done with them and make sure they are wiped down. Well that is doubly true if you make a living through the use of your tools. This week at the print shop victoria we have been organizing the space and making sure everything has a home where it is easily accessible and in the right place to ensure good flow between the printing and the folding, and away from the messy side of the business where we keep the paint and chemicals and where the cleaning gets done.

It’s all slowly coming together at Rain Coast. We are gearing up to begin t shirt printing victoria probably in the next week. We still need to hardwire in the conveyor oven. I got two electricians to come out today and they each gave me a quote to do so. What they need to do is tap into my electrical box and use a new breaker and set up a separate junction box which the screen printing victoria conveyor oven will connect to. Once the oven is connected it will be fixed in it’s part of the facility which is fine because it needs to be by the panel, anyway. The two quotes I got were both a bit high honestly, one was a cash deal with a nice lady I prefer to work with, but she needs to come down slightly. She loved my business idea of clothing printing victoria and I want to work with her so I hope we can come to some form of agreement. I’m sure we can because she told me she is new to the area just like I am and is very hungry for new business. She works with her brother and had the business passed down from her father, how cool is that, especially if it’s t shirt printing victoria bc. She learned her trade from her dad and now she’s running the company that he started.  I find that amazing about our western civilization, it’s a beautiful thing. You can learn a trade from your dad and when he gets old and retires you can take the skill he taught you and take over the business, build it up if you can and then take care of your older parents! That’s truly incredible and we should all be so grateful that we even have the chance to do anything like that or t shirt print victoria.

So then to end, once the oven is wired the last 2 taks I have is to set up the dark room, I’m not sure about how I’m going to do that yet. I also need to tap and plumb the hoses for the drain and water inlet for when it comes time to clean. So more thinking to do and I’ll figure it out pretty soon. Maybe a week or so. Should be fun! Stay tuned for more print shop victoria diaries as we build our seo and website!