Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique Part 2

So to recap from part 1 of screen printing victoria, the process and technique we use for t shirt print victoria: we print the logo file onto clear photo paper. We prepare a fresh screen by curing it with photo emulsion ink and let it dry. Using an exposure unit we place the logo image on the screen mesh and … Read More

Keeping Your Equipment Clean at Print Shop Victoria

Everyone knows it’s of upmost important to clean your tools and equipment. What did your dad always say, T shirt printing victoria? Put your tool back in place after you’re done with them and make sure they are wiped down. Well that is doubly true if you make a living through the use of your tools. This week at the … Read More

The staple of our business here at rain coast print shop victoria is custom clothing, screen printing but mainly t shirt print victoria. Many of our customers return time and again to fulfill small orders of custom t shirts for one off events like parties, live group events, sports games and just other fun small family gatherings. Screen printing victoria … Read More

T shirt Printing Victoria and Video Production Services

I thought long and hard about just having Rain Coast Print Shop over t shirt printing victoria services only through our own screen printing victoria processes. But there is so much more that my team can offer that the last few days I have been thinking about offering all those additional services to my local community. What I am talking … Read More

Print Shop Victoria Equipment All In Place

Well after 4 trips up north to about Duncan BC on Vancouver Island all the equipment needed for our print shop Victoria is all here at my facility in Langford. It took a lot more effort and 2 more loads than I expected to get everything here. We had to rent 2 uhaul trucks to get all the paint and … Read More

Vancouver, Victoria BC and the difference between them.

So I’ve been in Vancouver for 24 hrs now just observing, driving around and getting a feel for this massive city. I am here on business but I also love seeing new places and taking in the vibe the city gives off. Vancouver is pretty special, though it is a quite a contrast to print shop Victoria, there are some … Read More

Print Shop Diaries ep 3

Well I am headed to Vancouver to learn a thing or two from the great Jordan Peterson and sam harris. Although they won’t be teaching me about running a successful print shop Victoria, they will be debating whether free will exists or not. Not quite an easy topic to unpack and I suspect the discourse will be quite lively and … Read More

Print shop diaries ep 2

Well this week was pretty successful for setting up a print shop Victoria. I managed to load up about half of the equipment that I had purchased and got it down to my facility in Langford. I had lots of equipment from the other business, so I began the reno by loading that all up and re distributing it to … Read More

New Equipment and New Beginnings and New T shirt Printing Victoria

So when I moved here from Alberta I didn’t think I was going to be getting back into the screen printing business in Victoria, BC. I had other plans. My old partners and I were actively seeking out a restaurant space for a second location for our very popular and loved, Block: Kitchen and Bar in Banff, AB. But things … Read More