Print Shop Victoria Equipment All In Place

Well after 4 trips up north to about Duncan BC on Vancouver Island all the equipment needed for our print shop Victoria is all here at my facility in Langford. It took a lot more effort and 2 more loads than I expected to get everything here. We had to rent 2 uhaul trucks to get all the paint and the big screen printing Victoria press and conveyor oven and then two separate truck fulls of my explorer for all the odds and ends stuff and all supporting equipment needed to run a full time print shop Victoria bc.

There are still a few things we need to do to get everything up and running before we can actually start t shirt printing Victoria bc. Ranking from biggest job to smallest job is as follows: first we need to hardwire in the screen printing conveyor oven directly into the electrical panel so it gets a good stream of steady and reliable power. We have an invertor on hand if needed but this building was built last year and it should have stable, solid power. The electrician is coming on Friday to give a quote. It shouldn’t be that big of a job, we are basically just creating a new junction box off the electrical panel and hardwiring it in. The oven I have placed in the same room as the box so minimal travel needed.

Secondly, I need to put the screen printing victoria press back together and make sure beforehand it is in it’s fixed location where I like. Once it’s back together, there is no way that I will be able to move it, without taking it apart all over again, which I obviously would like to avoid.  The press weighs about 500lbs when it’s all together, way too much for even 2 people to maneuver. I am going to place it near the oven so that when the round of shirts has been screen printing victoria bc it is easy to just move them into the oven to cure the ink.

Thirdly, I need to figure out the clean up side of the t shirt print victoria process. I have a full stainless tall sink with high elevated walls to catch all the excess spray from the pressure washer as well as some pvc piping needed to drain it out fully. The issue with my facility is there is no drain in the big room I have placed all the equipment. We are able to drain into the outside drain with relative ease, but I just need to make the piping to spec, that’s all. Then we need to tap the outside water inlet for water to attach to the sink and pressure washer and we should be all set.

So far it’s been fun and exciting setting up all this new equipment to be ready to start clothing printing victoria in August. We are on track and on schedule.  We also have the ability for vinyl printing victoria as well, as we have all that required equipment as well.