T shirt printing Vancouver

T Shirt Printing Vancouver Process Explained

At Rain Coast we offer screen printing that allows are customers to create custom clothing vancouver with full creative control over their designs. We are here to help you bring your rendering to reality.

In this first section you’ll get an idea of what screen printing is and how we perform our t shirt printing vancouver.

There are many ways to print designs onto custom clothing. Here are the main four explained individually to get a sense of what would be best for you.

The predominent way to transfer ink onto clothing is through the process of screen printing vancouver. Screen printing is a traditional way that uses a mesh screen to capture your image file and then squeegees to press the ink through the screen and then transfer onto the garment. This is the oldest and most tried and true way of screen printing vancouver. This is our man focus at Rain Coast. The finished product is a high quality, long lasting print that holds lots of detail. The ink is cured and your print will hold up for the life of the shirt. It also will stretch and wear nicely over the life of the garment and not fade.

Printing Processes Analyzed

Screen Printing – Sublimation – DTG – Vinyl


    This is what we focus on at Rain Coast Print Shop. Long lasting and quality results


    This process results in designs that cover the full garment. Polyester only.


    This process is more expensive and uses a printing machine to transfer ink to clothing. Allows for photo quality prints


    Uses a vinyl cutter and heat transfer process to stick to garments

Direct to Garment Printing DTG Vancouver

This process uses a modern printing machine to transfer ink to garments

DTG Printing involves using a high tech printer to transfer your image file directly onto your custom clothing vancouver. Your garment is lined up and placed on a pallet by an employee then is fed through an automatic printer that prints directly onto the t shirt printing vancouver. A conveyer belt feeds the garment and lines it up accurately. The process is relatively slow for longer runs but is great when you have multiple smaller orders. There isn’t too much set up and cleanup so using this method is quite easy for printers.

Sublimation Printing Vancouver

Sublimation printing vancouver is a newer more modern way compared to traditional screen printing vancouver.
This process involves again using a machine to fully coat the entire garment and get a full coverage print.
The benefit of using sublimation printing vancouver is that you get to be really creative with your designs.

This only works with polyester fabric and is best used for jersey’s and team apparel.


In this printing method we use a CAD file of your image and print directly onto vinyl which is then cut to spec. This allows you to make unique designs by adding layers to the vinyl then using a heat tansfer method to print them onto garments or other objects. The vinyl will last the life of the garment and this is a great way for t shirt printing vancouver that we employ here at Rain Coast.

    Screen Printing Vancouver is what we recommend.

    What we use most and enjoy most is to screen print our custom clothing for all sorts of clients like up and coming street wear brands, dropshipping vancouver customers, businesses and anyone really who wants to transform their ideas and make their own clothing. We thouroughly enjoy what we do here and we hope you will reach out to us at Rain Coast if you want custom t shirt printing vancouver area done in the near future. Screen printing allows us full creative control to create high quality and detailed prints for our customers that will last a lifetime, not fade and never crack or deteriorate. Call or email the shop today! – Andy B