Screen Printing Victoria BC

Understanding Screen Printing Victoria

To understand what we do, an explanation of the screen printing Victoria process is in order. Screen printing is a method of printing onto different materials or textiles or cheap t shirts victoria bc by first imposing an image or logo onto a fine mesh screen board. A screen is a wire mesh, stretched and tensioned over a wood frame. Think of a blank canvas stretched over a wood frame ready for an artist to paint on. There are different thicknesses of mesh, wider and thicker ones allow more ink to seep through where as thin mesh, spaced closer together allow for more finer detail.

To transfer the image or logo onto the screen you first need to print the image onto clear film with only the image outline printed in black ink. It is then placed onto the screen and baked onto it. This is done by blackening out the entire screen board, except for the image placed on it. The result is a screen where only the image or logo shape is left exposed, the remaining part of the screen has been coated and sealed with a photo film liquid that has been set to dry. The ink you will later use to transfer onto the clothing item can only go through the logo shape of the screen. This process is also called silk screening or silk screen printing. If you have a logo or image with multiple colors, you must screen print one color at a time, then use a new screen to print the next color and so on. Each color requires a new screen to print from. The process is time consuming when you are setting up screens for the first time. The if you have a 3 color logo, you need to print 3 different logo files and set each one onto it’s own screen. Then you let them dry for an hour. Then you are ready to print onto your final clothing item or cheap t shirts victoria bc. Screens are reusable so when you are done printing a logo file and no longer need it, you can simply paint over it with the emulsion paint and your screen is now ready to use for a new image.

Custom Clothing Victoria

Most people think of screen printing Victoria as a way to make custom clothing. But the reality is that this system of printing is incredibly versatile and can be used to print on any item ranging from decals to bags, household items and promotional items. At Raincoast Print Shop we have a wide variety of print screens and are able to essentially print on most surfaces or cheap t shirts victoria bc. If you have an unusual item you want printed on, we are most likely able to do it! We service the greater Victoria BC area in person and we are able to ship nationally in Canada as well. Send us an email with your logo file and we will send you a sample for your approval. Once approved we will screen print your entire order then ship from our facility here in Victoria, BC.

We are pleased and excited to announce that we will be servicing all of the following areas with our screen printing and t shirt printing services in langford, sooke, colwood, esquimalt, downtown victoria bc, cordova bay, brentwood bay, sidney, saanich, mill bay, shawnigan lake, duncan and nanaimo and victoria, vancouver, surrey, maple ridge, delta, north vancouver, new westminster, kamloops, kelowna, hope, kitsilano, yaletown, abbotsford, anywhere on vancouver island really!