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Screen Printing Victoria – Process and Technique Part 2

So to recap from part 1 of screen printing victoria, the process and technique we use for t shirt print victoria: we print the logo file onto clear photo paper. We prepare a fresh screen by curing it with photo emulsion ink and let it dry. Using an exposure unit we place the logo image on the screen mesh and let it burn through, revealing open spaces in the screen where ink can only pass through, the image or logo. Lastly we tape off any exposed parts of the screen that shouldn’t be exposed. Sometimes holes appear burnt into the screen that shouldn’t be there so you tape them up so no ink can transfer through them onto your garmet, spoiling it.Now we have a few more pre process steps in our setup before we are about ready to t shirt print victoria.

Now you are ready so you bring your screen to your screen printing victoria press. You are ready for production. You load your screen onto the press and using the dials, calibrate it to the form you wish it to show on your garmet. You find the color ink you want and place the appropriate amount on your screen. With your screen in place and your ink locked and loaded you start from top to bottom and using a downward motion with your arm you drag and squeegee the ink from the top towards you applying the correct amount of force. Using a firm hand will force more ink through the screen mesh to transfer to the garment, using a lighter applied force will transfer less. The amount of times you redo your ink transfer also affects how the final garmet will look and especially feel. The more times you squeegee the ink the thicker the amount of ink is transferred to the garmet and the feel will be much stiffer. The logo will feel stiff to the touch, it’s just a different style. People these days tend to prefer a lighter print that allows the shirt to move more freely and doesn’t have a stiff feel to it at all. We prefer the way of clothing printing victoria where it’s a softer touch and lighter ink application, it’s more modern.

If you are printing a logo file with multiple colors you need to start over with a separate screen with your 2nd color printed onto it only. Each color requires an individual screen with just the one color each of the full file printed on it. So if you have a green, yellow and red image, one screen is only the green parts, one screen is only the yellow parts, and one screen is only the red parts of the image. You would print the green parts first, then use a new screen to then print the yellow parts onto the garmet, then use a 3rd screen to print the red parts. Then after all that is done, if your screens lined up perfectly, you’ll have your 3 color logo printed on the garmet in its’ final form. We are able to print up to 8 colors here at print shop victoria, Rain Coast. But we notice that most people only want 1-2 color logos saves us time, and saves them money. There are all sorts of ways to t shirt print victoria, using as many or as few colors you prefer, whatever you like, we can do, come stop in and check us out!