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How Dropshipping Canada and SEO Victoria Work – Part 2

How dropshipping Canada works, part 2. So being that our long term goal at Rain Cost is to be a leading dropshipper Canada for the nationwide market, I thought I would take some time to explain how I think it’s best to scale up from a local business like our current print shop victoria where we do custom clothing victoria for local businesses and individuals. The best way we think to build a business is locally first. Get your feet off the ground and running in your current market. Make sure you dial in your processes and make sure you can actually meet deadlines, make customers happy with on time service that is reliable and especially important, make sure you can come in on or under budget. The keyword here is you gotta overdeliver. Go above and beyond to make sure the customer leaves thrilled. Honestly, all that could really take is folding the clothing for them instead of just tossing them together in the box. Or maybe a special delivery to their door when they aren’t expecting that, free of charge. Just do something nice for your customer and they will leave happy and give you a referral to their peers, or give you a nice review online which helps you grow.

The next step in scaling up that will focus on, after I get my regional business down pat, is to focus on SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is basically the process that google goes through to rank websites in chronological order using specific key words. So let’s use our case study. If a customer searches for t shirt printing victoria bc, how does google know which sites to put on the first page and which to put on page five? Obviously the business that rank for those keywords on page one have a clear advantage to those businesses who rank on page five. The likelihood of a customer searching through 5 pages of businesses to choose just one is very very low, like zero. As well, customer perception comes into play here, as people make their judgement on emotion. How good do you think a business is at their craft if they can’t even rank well on google? Don’t you think a business is on the top of their game if they rank well as opposed to one that ranks poorly? That might not be the case, but I assure you this is the way the customer will interpret the situation. We are improving our ranking for key words like t shirt printing victoria bc every day, you can too!

So, what you need to do to rank better is build up the content of your site. You can do this by building new pages on your site, each page targets a specific keyword, and then you can also write blog posts, daily, like I do. Focus on a keyword in each one. Over time, your site will grow and google will rank it higher and higher over time because it looks like a more legitimate site. It takes time but it’s worth it! Check us out we do lots of t shirt printing victoria bc and custom clothing victoria as well. We hope to be a leading dropshipper Canada within the next year! Dropshipping Canada is a great form of business that will suit us well.