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Video Production Services

I thought long and hard about just having Rain Coast Print Shop over t shirt printing victoria services only through our own screen printing victoria processes. But there is so much more that my team can offer that the last few days I have been thinking about offering all those additional services to my local community.

What I am talking about today is mainly social media management and making your own marketing videos through content based marketing. Content based marketing is most effective when you tell a story and involve your following more as viewers instead of potential clients. The characters in your story are you and your team and your topics, are basically whatever you business does and deals with and encounters on a daily basis. That is the meat and potatoes of content based marketing. Your viewers get to know your personalities one by one over time and when they have need for a product or service that you offer, well guess what, you are the first company they think of. I mean why not, they have been watching your social media content for weeks or months by this point, they’ve gotten to know your personality, your team, you’ve probably made them laugh or smile for a moment or two. Of course they are going to think of you first when you need t shirt printing victoria bc or whatever your company offers its community.

So instead of just offering our meat and potatoes services like silk screen printing victoria we will be offering facebook content management and Instagram content management as well as video production services where you are able to work with our director and videographer Daniel to make my own commercials victoria bc! Making your own video content will separate you from your competition in ways you can’t even imagine. Video content is the most absorbable platform of media. You couple a powerful, quick video with a clear message and great branding and place it all over social media, on your page, boost the post on facebook and Instagram and maybe send it to some influencers in your area to share as well, your video will be seen by thousands of people in your area, some whom right away need your services or product! It is the best and most affordable and effective way of getting your message out there to people that care.

Lastly, the best way to launch your video production is to use the demographics in facebook advertising to only choose people who you think might be interested in your product or service. For example if you specialize in screen printing victoria you might want to only set your video to be seen by people above a certain age with some disposable income. If you have a service based company where you make gutters you might want to target home owners, and well a safe bet is people over the age of 35, they probably are more likely to own their own homes than people who are 20-22. We can help you make your own video and market it effectively in your area to find your customers. Let’s talk, and thanks for checking out t shirt print victoria!