Rain Coast Print Shop T Shirt Printing Victoria Blog 6

The Staple of our Business

The staple of our business here at rain coast print shop victoria is custom clothing, screen printing but mainly t shirt print victoria. Many of our customers return time and again to fulfill small orders of custom t shirts for one off events like parties, live group events, sports games and just other fun small family gatherings. Screen printing victoria clothing is a really great way to cement your memories with a garmet that you can wear and reminisce about the event for years to come. I say years because that’s how long our clothing lasts, for years! Our prints are long lasting and very resistant to cracking over time, usually lasting the duration of the clothing item itself. Clothing lasts for as long s you care to take care of it properly. General, normal wear and tear is to be expected but if you are adamant and vigilant about taking care of your clothing properly, using the right chemicals and temperatures to wash and dry, hang dry if needed.

One thing we like to do at rain coast is thoroughly test the quality of our designs sample clothing before marketing and endorsing them. That means that if we choose a new label or brand to work with, that we first test the shirt and t shirt print victoria on it with a heavy print of several colors. Then, guess what, we wash wash wash it! I also wear the item myself and usually give them out to staff as well if we have extras. We touch base and wear it in real life then talk about it a month or 2 later. We discuss the fit, the fade if any and the durability of the material. Some shirts you can tell are not quality as the threading begins to unravel and loosen, they stretch with wear and do not return to their previous shape even with a wash and dry. Those items we completely stay away from.

Sure you can save a boatload of money by going with the super cheap choices but I promise you it won’t be worth it. You’ll wear the shirt 2-3 times and it simply won’t fit the same and then it’ll end up in the back of your closet only to return when you are painting the house and need a rag. Or you can spend a bit more and have a shirt that you love and look forward to wearing for years to come if you go with a better, higher quality brand like bella and canvas.

We love to t shirt design victoria with clients that appreciate how a shirt will look, feel and the quality that it has. We enjoy providing an excellent, highest possible quality product over just pumping out low quality shirts like china. That isn’t that fulfilling to us honestly and we prefer to pass on that type of business. Besdes there are cheaper options online. What we are all about here at rain cost print shop is t shirt print victoria and working with the best quality garments the world has to offer.