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Print Shop Diaries 2

Well this week was pretty successful for setting up a print shop Victoria. I managed to load up about half of the equipment that I had purchased and got it down to my facility in Langford. I had lots of equipment from the other business, so I began the reno by loading that all up and re distributing it to free space inside the house to make room for the arriving paint supplies and t shirt printing Victoria equipment needed. I set up the shelves that came with it first. Mounted them and reinforced them in my garage along one wall, which is now the beginning of our pain organization station. The shelving has held so far, because if that stuff falls, it will be the biggest mess of all time.

We moved daniels station into the living room. The living room has been sacrificed haha. Daniel is in charge of media production, videography and social media management. He is our social media manager, director of commercials and does very well with vlogging and content based marketing. He has a great eye for film, scene construction and storytelling. These are all things needed for a business to effectively communicate its marketing message to it’s prospective customer base in 2018. If you aren’t engaging your customers in a way that connects to them on an emotion level, well, then no one will give a crap about your marketing, no matter how fancy or produced it looks. You need to story tell and captivate people emotionally. It’s difficult but Daniel has a big heart and he is up for the challenge.

We need to get ready for next week which is when we will head back up north and collect the remaining equipment needed for clothing printing Victoria and t shirt print Victoria as well. We are loading up a huge conveyor belt driven oven, and several other custom clothing Victoria printing machines. The plan is to have them all in my garage, but I don’t know if they will all fit. I am hoping and pretty positive they will, but there is always a chance it might not go as planned. I think, if anything, they will just be a bit tighter in place, no big deal.

Once we get the remaining t shirt print Victoria equipment to the facility, we will then begin training with seasoned t shirt printing Victoria pros. I have met 3 people who are willing to help take my skill to the next level. One is alexis who has a wonderful artistic eye, the other is Andy who has 30 years experience in the industry and the last one is mike, the old print shop Victoria operator who’s stuff I purchased from directly. He has made it clear that he wants to help and see us succeed so I will start with him. When I have everything set up and organized he will help me identify all the different chemicals so I can get organized. Looking forward to his help!