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Print Shop Diaries 3

Well I am headed to Vancouver to learn a thing or two from the great Jordan Peterson and sam harris. Although they won’t be teaching me about running a successful print shop Victoria, they will be debating whether free will exists or not. Not quite an easy topic to unpack and I suspect the discourse will be quite lively and at some times heated, although they are both the meta ideal of calm, collected and cool individuals. Since I am taking a break from t shirt print Victoria for the evening, I am looking forward to clearing my head from the week’s grind and learning about new ideas and philosophies.

My mind has shifted in the last 2 years. Before, I used to reject the idea of taking time to learn about the implications of the bible and religion and how it relates to how we act as individuals and as a group. Now through Jordan Peterson, I understand that there is much wisdom in old books like the bible. They are a collection of stories as to how we act as people, our fears, our faults, and our lack of understanding as to how and why we were placed on this planet earth. Forget organized religion which is a whole other different matter, much like t shirt printing Victoria.

Next week is another busy week. We are going down to get the rest of the equipment from the t shirt printing Duncan bc area. I will have to rent another u haul truck and this time hire some guys to help me move. I’ll probably have to hire at least 2 proabably 3 guys because the t shirt printing Victoria equipment is so damn heavy. The main piece is probably 800lbs. it can be taken a part into 3 pieces but that still leaves each piece at 250lbs or so. Way to much for any 2 guys to carry.

I am thankful that mike is willing to help and his son and sons friends are willing to help as well. Once we have everything installed at my facility, my family is coming to visit for Canada day weekend. We are all staying at my house, I get to host this time. My brother, his wife and their baby as well as my mom are all coming to visit. I think there should be enough room for everyone under one roof given that I have turned half the house into print shop Victoria including my 3rd room upstairs and the entire garage and living room space. You need some space to fit everything in for t shirt print Victoria, you know! Well I guess I’ll make it work and I’m sure they will appreciate all my efforts that will soon begin to pay off. I sure hope so. It is tough working all year on just setting up businesses. There is always that what if, you don’t know for certain what you are doing will actually work. I believe what I am doing is right, and for me that’s good enough to keep going. Till next time t shirt printing Victoria!