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Weekend Wrapup

This weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Vancouver and doing some more research about print shop Victoria while taking in the sights and sounds of the big city. This was the first time I had left Vancouver island in several months and it was nice to get out of t shirt printing Victoria for a few days and clear my head.

One of the things I realized over the weekend in Vancouver is that besides t shirt printing Victoria bc as our main service we offer at Rain Coast Print Shop, we will also begin by offering our professional social media content management as well as Instagram content management. We will offer full video production services as well as media production services to local businesses that want to get views from potential customers in their area. So if you every wanted to make my own commercial then consider rain coast print shop as your stop shop for all things media production. Our team is very skilled in the use of the Adobe Suite so from graphic design to full scale digital marketing, we are available as a consultant, marketer or media manager. We have an in house studio with green screen and all photo and video equipment needed.

Now back to the meat and potatoes of our business, screen printing Victoria. we are planning on heading up north tomorrow for the 3rd load of all of our new equipment. Of course we left all the big heavy stuff for the last load. Thankfully, we should have a few guys who can help us load everything up so it shouldn’t be too bad. By next week we will be all set up for clothing printing Victoria.

I have managed to partner up with a clothing distributor based out of Vancouver. We wanted to partner with a company that was bc local as supporting local businesses is important to us. They source their garments all over the world for custom clothing Victoria and we are able to get a fair price which means we can pass the saving onto our customers and guarantee we will have the lowest price available for team jerseys Victoria as well as vinyl printing. I want to make sure we can offer the best fitting, highest quality clothing at the lowest possible price that allows all of our customers to leave happy and satisfied with every order.

Silk screen printing Victoria should be an expensive undertaking. If you are pay more than $25 per custom clothing shirt then that is too much. We intend to keep our t shirts priced at well below the $15 mark and hoodies at around $30. That is on the lower price end when compared to other print shop Victoria in the area.

As well for logo design and graphic design Victoria, if you need help with those services we will be very well priced in that spectrum as well. Usual graphic design pricing is around $100 per hour but we will be charging much less than that to ensure you are happy with the end result.