T Shirt Printing Victoria

T Shirt Printing Victoria

Here are some things you need to know if YOU yourself wish to start your own clothing printing victoria business. Opening up your own print shop really involves getting the specific, specialized equipment needed. Your business’s equipment depends on the needs your customers have and what media you wish to print for them. Is it clothing? Well you’ll need a full setup for that. If you’re just printing paper goods well then you might just get away with a specialized printer for a smaller business like that. If you want to get into vinyl signage, you’ll need a vinyl printer and cutter and cheap t shirts victoria. You’ll need software like adobe suite like we use at print shop victoria.

The actual printing system is decided on what media you want to print. At Rain Coast we solely print clothing so our printing system is geared towards that. We have a big 8 arm printing press, old school, heavy as hell and has the ability to print 8 shirts and 8 different colors at one time. No one really ever orders a style that’s more than 3 colors so we haven’t had to ever use 8 colors all at one, that would be super time consuming and a very precise, intricate design.

To get our logo’s made by our designer steve, we use the full adobe suite. He is able to design every logo and style in adobe illustrator and then we use a inkjet printer to print on clear photo paper. That process transfers the logo into the clear photo paper and then we superimpose it into a screen by burning it through. At this point the logo is on the screen and we are ready to transfer the ink and press the shirt. Now it gets exciting at t shirt printing victoria.

Next we load the cheap t shirts victoria up onto the press and load the screens as well, make sure everything is calibrated by adjusting the different dials and we do a test run to make sure everything is lined up. If it’s all good to go then we begin our printing process. The ink is transferred through the screen by pressing down on a squeegee into the fabric of the shirt. Once it’s done you move the press and do the next one, this continues till all 8 shirts are printed, you remove them one at a time and put them into your conveyor oven and by the time they are through, they are dried, cured and ready to fold and box. That’s the process in a nutshell.

Screen Printing Victoria

Also, keep in mind to set up a full business like t shirt printing victoria bc you will need to rent a correctly zoned space, and you’ll need a sales area, a place to meet with your customers that’s comfortable and proper accounting software, merchant processing to take payments and enough blank inventory on hand. You’ll also need staff to do the job when you are not around and to make sure that everything is running smoothly – most importantly, that your customers are happy! That’s our main goal at rain coast, making sure all of our screen printing victoria customers are happy with their purchase!
We have expanded our cheap t shirt print service offering to cover all of vancouver island. If you want screen printing or t shirt printing done and you are in victoria or downtown victoria bc, langford, colwood, sooke, shawnigan lake, duncan or nanaimo, vancouver, surrey, maple ridge, delta, north vancouver, new westminster, abbotsford, yaletown, kitsilano, hope, kelowna, kamloops, then you are in our immediate local region on vancouver island and we will be glad to help you with any screen printing project you have in mind. Just shoot us a quick call or email and we will get in touch immediately. Look forward to hearing from you!

Because everyone is looking for screen printing victoria and t shirt printing services on vancouver island, we are now able to fully service the areas of nanaimo, duncan, mill bay, shawnigan lake, goldstream, langford, vancouver, surrey, maple ridge, delta, north vancouver, new westminster, colwood, sooke, victoria, esquimalt, cordova bay, brentwood bay, sidney, saanich and downtown victoria bc, abbotsford, yaletown, kitsilano, hope, kelowna, kamloops!

Our Mission and Goal

It’s pretty simple really. We got into the printing industry to help make people’s vision a reality. T shirt printing Victoria has been a very satisfying industry for us. We get to make people happy. The work that we do makes people smile. Most of the time people come into the shop and have an idea in their head but for one reason or another, they have a hard time getting that idea on paper. That is where our lead graphic designer comes into play. Think of a police sketch artist, drawing a rendering from an eye witness testimony. Well that is a big part of what our designer does. We take the time with the customer to really put their vision onto paper. Sometimes it doesn’t look quite right and the customer needs to take it home and think about what’s missing or what’s off about it. Other times the first try is bang on and the logo is ready to go and begin T shirt printing or using cheap t shirts victoria bc. Either way, working with the customer from rendering to reality is the sure fire way to always get things right. After the customer is satisfied with their logo design on paper we transfer it to a computer image file using Adobe Illustrator where we can make subtle and final changes. Once approved we do up a sample t shirt print. We print out the logo file onto film, transfer it to a screen and then print it onto a sample T shirt. The customer is able to hold it in their hands and feel the print. If they like the placement, size and feel and finish of the logo, they will then approve it and we will begin mass production of their full order. We are usually able to fulfill an entire order in 1 to 2 days depending on the number of pieces you are ordering. We are also able to deliver locally within Victoria BC! We want to make this as smooth and seamless as possible for you so you are completely satisfied with our service and the final product we provide you with. Our end goal is for you to be thrilled with your purchase so that you are confident in referring us and comfortable to come back down the road with any future jobs you might want fulfilled. If you are happy, our business will grow, it’s as simple as that. Customer service is easy for us, we love what we do! We are excited to meet new clients and hear their story. Each item we print we take pride in. We understand that all the t shirt printing Victoria we do is not taken for granted. We are grateful for any business that comes our way. We strive to be a pillar in the community that you can count on! Thanks for trying us out and we look forward to meeting you! Think of us for all your cheap t shirts victoria bc, t shirt printing and vinyl printing needs!