Screen Printing Vancouver BC

Screen Printing Vancouver BC Services Offered

Rain Coast is a new print shop and we are here to help you with your print project. We specialize in screen printing and DTG (direct to garment printing)

Rain Coast was founded in 2017 with the vision of offering customer service of years past with printing services of today. We specialize in screen printing and DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. We service the entire country of Canada and can ship Canada wide for free.

We offer 7 day turn around time on most job, rush jobs within 5 days and super rush jobs within 3 days. Reach out to us if you want help with your screen printing project.

Screen Printing Vancouver Process Explained

Screen printing is an old tried and true way of transferring ink onto textiles like t shirts, hoodies and tanks.

  • Graphic Design

    The first step is to design your graphic. We work together to create a logo design you’re happy with.d

  • Pre Production

    Next we print your graphic onto photo paper then burn the image into a screen using emulsion and an exposure unit.

  • Ready to Print

    Finally we are ready to print and we transfer ink with a squeegee through the screen onto the garment then cure the ink with heat.

Get a quote for your screen printing project in Vancouver BC.

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We believe that a great print shop should be about producing the best quality possible prints and using the highest quality garments available to meet the customer’s budget, time frame and expectation. If we make sure the customer leaves happy, they will return for repeat business and tell their friends about their positive experience. That’s the key to steady growth over time by treating every customer well. Reach out to us if you have an idea in mind that you want to put down onto clothing. Rain Coast is here to help.