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    T shirt Printing

    We can screen print on any clothing item you have in mind. T-shirts, hoodies, leggings. Putting together a softball team? Have a bachelorette party coming up? Let’s print some clothing so your memories last a lifetime with a memento hanging in your closet!

    Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG, Heat Transfer

    Which service should you choose?

    There are several types of way to successfully print onto t shirts. At Rain Coast Print Shop we specialize in screen printing and vinyl printing but we have plans to get into other methods of printing to better serve our wide array of customers needs. Here are the different ways to t shirt print briefly explained so you can be educated in understanding what we do and what is offered. Screen printing: is the tried and true way to t shirt print. This technique is responsible for most of the clothing you see on the street these days. It was invented in the early 1900’s in China after they realized that tightening a silk mesh over a wooden frame left holes that ink could flow through after pressure was applied. So if you can picture a wooden frame that you would use for a canvas painting but instead it’s wrapped with a silk screen, the ink flows through that when you press it through with a squeegee in a pull or push stroke motion. First, emulsion is coated on the front and back of the silk screen and left to dry. Next you take your logo that is printed on clear photo paper and you place it onto the screen. Together you place both pieces onto an exposure unit (think of a tanning bed) and the logo will burn through the emulsion into the screen. The result is that the logo is left on the screen and the ink can only pass through that area. So there you have your screen ready to go. Next you place your screen onto your printing press and line up the screen vs where you want the image to print onto the shirt. When it’s lined up properly you take you squeegee and transfer your ink through your screen onto the shirt via a push or pull stroke. After a few coats your ink is on your shirt and ready to be cured. You carefully pull your shirt off the pallet and place it onto the conveyor oven. The ink needs to reach 330deg F to fully cure. Once your shirt is through the oven its done and ready to go! The screen printing method of t shirt printing is very simple and quite versatile. You can print up to 8 colors at one time with our printing press. Second, this method isn’t too expensive. We are able to offer a variety of bulk orders for very affordable prices.

    Direct to Garment (DTG) – Embroidery – Heat Transfer

    Direct to Garment: This is a much newer t shirt printing Victoria technique that was invented when digital printers became powerful, fast and affordable. Direct to garment t shirt printing is basically using a printer to print directly onto your garment. You place your t shirt into the printer like you would paper and it prints directly onto it. The benefits of this is the image resolution is very high. You can achieve a picture perfect look with this technique. The ink goes directly into the fabric of the garment so you are left with a very smooth feel. With screen printing you can feel the stiffness of the ink much more. It comes down to a personal preference between the two. There are a few downsides with this method of t shirt printing Victoria BC first is that it isn’t really cost effective for bulk large orders and the design placement is limited on the clothing, usually limited to the chest, stomach area. Heat transfer: this method of t shirt printing is a widely used method of transferring image or logo files onto many different types of surfaces including ceramics but it is also applied to clothing. It involves using heat to permanently transfer ink to a garment. It is simple and easy to do but has limitations on logo placement as well as quality issues over time including ink flaking and cracking. We do not use this technique. Embroidery: This is a printing method that uses a special machine that sews and stitches a logo into a garment or hat. Embroidery has a very polished finished look and can achieve designs that pop off the hat or garment. We do not currently have the ability to do embroidery at this moment but we plan on acquiring an embroidery machine down the road to offer this service one day.

    Expanding our t shirt screen printing services across Victoria

    Due to the overwhelming interest in our t shirt printing and screen printing services in Langford, sooke and victoria bc, we have decided to go big and expand our operations across Vancouver Island. We will be offering our t shirt printing services in Duncan, Shawnigan lake and Nanaimo. We also are able to offer our screen printing services in Saanich, Brentwood Bay, Sydney, Cordova Bay, Esquimalt, UVIC area and all of Victoria BC as well. We also offer FREE SHIPPING across Canada for all of our print shop services. We want to give you no reason to not choose to work with us. Free shipping, quick turn around and free graphic design work to make sure your logo files are vectorized and print quality. We are also getting ready to launch a new website where you can complete your project online from start to finish. First you choose the t shirt you want to print on, with the quantity, color and size. Then if you have your logo file you will be able to upload the file and instruct us exactly where to place it on the garment. Once you submit and pay for your order you will then receive a mock-up from us within 24hrs. And once you approve your mock-up we will then begin production. We will be offering free shipping included with every order and no additional fees or charges. Your quote will be the price you pay. We want to make this as smooth and frictionless of an experience as possible for you. We look forward to helping you with your screen printing, t shirt print and custom clothing projects in victoria, Langford, goldstream, sooke, highlands, shawnigan lake, mill bay, Duncan, nanaimo and of course downtown victoria bc. We are thrilled to be a part of the community and look forward to meeting and servicing your screen printing needs for years to come.

    Dropshipping and Dropshipper Canada Services Available

    We are gearing up to become a Canadian dropshipper partner with the hopes of taking care of all screen printing needs for many shopify stores across the country and all their screen printing dropshipping and dropshipper needs. Dropshipping is a new and exciting way to operate a profitable website that can virtually handle itself without your daily involvement. The way it works is that your shopify store is integrated with my raincoast print shop website and when you get an order from a customer for a custom t shirt print your order is relayed to my print shop which then screen prints the t shirt and ships it directly to your customer. Your site is just in charge of taking orders and my print shop handles the inventory management, screen printing, and shipping to your final customer. This business model is very low maintenance for your store and if you have some good SEO work done it can be an extremely profitable business with minimal daily headaches. We are positioning ourselves to become one of the leading dropshippers in western Canada. If you require any dropshipping needs for your online store please contact us at Rain Coast Print Shop today! We look forward to being your screen printing and t shirt print dropshipper in Canada!