Rain Coast Print Shop T Shirt Printing Victoria Blog 13

Vancouver and Victoria

So I’ve been in Vancouver for 24 hrs now just observing, driving around and getting a feel for this massive city. I am here on business but I also love seeing new places and taking in the vibe the city gives off. Vancouver is pretty special, though it is a quite a contrast to print shop Victoria, there are some similarities. The main one being they are both on the water, which makes them equally beautiful even though they are more different than the same. The second t shirt printing Victoria similarity is the weather. They both, you could say, suffer from an over abundance of rainy days. That gives them somewhat of a gloomy look to them, I think it’s romantic and seaworthy however. But what it does is make you appreciate the sunny times you get so much more. Good things are only appreciated when they are rare and not over done.

Today I was lucky and got to spend the day exploring Vancouver on a beautiful, sunny day. The t shirt printing Victoria scene was vibrant and it seemed that everyone was in a good mood because the sun was out, and of course, t shirt print Victoria! I had a meeting lined up with my marketing team at Rebel Digital and that went well. We discussed facebook advertising and where we want to go over the next 6 months with our digital advertising and media production Victoria campaign. We ate lunch at a nice small sandwich shop called meat and bread haha, super simple, just like custom clothing Victoria.

Later I went train chest and back at gold’s gym in Burnaby bc. It is right in Vancouver and it’s a medium sized golds’ gym, but it’s bigger and more equipped than any other gym I have seen on custom clothing Victoria and Vancouver island as well. That’s fine, I always love to get a workout in, at a new gym that I am unfamiliar with. It was an expensive endeavor, costing 20 for the drop in, then I needed to rent a towel for 3 and then you need a post workout shake, obviously, for another 6. Total was 29 to get a workout in, kinda steep but always worth it! Staying on your schedule and making sure you get it in even if you have to take a hit is worth it, always.

After that I showered, and headed back downtown to roam around Granville street and vlog. T shirt printing Victoria was in full swing today, everyone was happy with a good mood and smile on their faces. I am excited for the event tonight I am attending and hope to meet my mentor, the great Jordan Peterson, he is the one who guided me into t shirt print Victoria. I am hopeful to get the chance to shake his hand and thank him for everything he has done for me. A mentor is important for every young man. They can help you identify mistakes you might make and avoid them because they have the wisdom as they have lived through most of the experiences, most likely. All the best from print shop Victoria!