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Rain Coast Print Shop is a custom t shirt printing studio that specializes in hand made custom clothing and eco friendly t shirts, hoodies and tanks. We service the Victoria area and can ship Canada wide for FREE. We work with clothing companies, up and coming street wear brands, businesses and people looking to screen print their creative ideas onto custom clothing. We love what we do!


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Book Printing China

Book Printing China

Have you ever considered a book printing company in China to print your materials? You may be surprised to learn about the significant savings you can take advantage of when you print overseas. In fact, you can save as much as 30% when you use an Asian print factory.

Artful Dragon is an overseas print broker that can take the fear, risk, and hassle out of your book printing. They will expertly match your print project with the precise printing company in their carefully selected vendor network that they work with. Over the years of working with certain print companies, Artful Dragon has learned which printing companies will best match each particular project.

With decades of experience in overseas commercial printing, Artful Dragon de-mystifies the offshore printing process and streamlines the efficient production of superb printed materials for their clients. Take advantage of Artful Dragon’s buying power and get the best possible service, terms, and rates from having your book printing done in China. Their experts are your gateway to easy, affordable overseas book printing.

If you’re worried about the quality of book printing from China, you can rest easy when you work with Artful Dragon. Only lead-free, environmentally sound, soy-based inks are used for all book printing. 

Are you looking for quality text book printing? China broker Artful Dragon can help you find overseas textbook printers who can offer full-service textbook printing, in most cases, for a lot less than you would pay a local printer, with much faster service. Before you sign a contract with a local print shop, check out the services available from Artful Dragon.

With the help of professional brokers from Artful Dragon, you can source overseas textbook printers in China, Asia, India, Indonesia, or Europe, with full-color text print services that include such features as quality binding, lithography, digital pre-press and print capabilities. Artful Dragon is careful to select textbook printers who use high quality paper stock and a complete palette of ink colors, as well as four-color printing capabilities.

As a US-based international print broker working for clients looking for high quality book printing in China, Artful Dragon does not represent the printers- they represent you. They have developed exceptional relationships with carefully selected international textbook printers in order to provide the highest level of service to their clients. These relationships allow them to obtain the most competitive quotes possible. Book products through Artful Dragon include:

- Both hardcover and softcover books

- Children’s books

- Board books

- Cookbooks

- Bibles and leather-bound books

- Coffee table books

- Comic books

- Art and photo books

- Self publisher books

- Journals and diaries

When shopping around, you’ll find there are only a handful of textbook printers who have the facilities required to print textbooks, making the wait time for printing of textbooks exceptionally long. 

Visit artfuldragon.com for exceptional text book printing in China, with short wait times and the best prices you’ll find anywhere. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Artful Dragon at 800-630-1117.

Book Printing China
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