RainCoast Print Shop is your Dropshipping Canada Partner

Dropshipping Canada is a great way to build and manage your online store without the headache of dealing with inventory management and shipping

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    Rain Coast will manage your orders, screen printing, warehousing and shipping

    We are a full service partner for your e commerce store that will help your brand grow as fast as possible and become passive income for you

    Rain Coast is based in Victoria BC but has no borders when it comes to dropshipping Canada. We are here to help any Canadian brand with their dropshipping needs. What we do is order screen print your clothing for you then ship Canadawide to your customers directly from our facility. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment program that allows the e-commerce store to integrate with a dropshipper partner (that's us) and has them fulfill all orders from their website. The dropshipper is responsible for printing the clothing, packing and shipping the orders to your customers directly and customer service if issues arise. The goal is to be able to offer the brand peace of mind and reliability when it comes to fulfilling their orders. The brand can then focus on marketing and gaining exposure and sales. We will screen print your custom clothing onto t shirts, hoodies, tanks and many other products then dropship for you in Canada.

    Dropshipping Canada PROS & CONS

    The startup investment is minimal and you don’t require a warehouse

    The biggest benefit of working with a dropshipper Canada is that you don’t need much capital for startup, warehousing and equipment to print your own clothing. We take care of all that for you

    With a dropshipping Canada way of doing business, you keep you money and instead of spending on a lot of initial inventory for start up, you only need to purchase inventory after the sale has been made. This way you keep your money in your pocket until you’ve secured a sale and profit is guaranteed!

    Launching a dropshipping Canada business requires alot less luck, money and skill compared to a traditional retail store. You don’t need to worry about location, the neighborhood your store is in, inentory, employees and all those traditional concerns that can make or break a business.

    Is Rain Coast Print Shop the Dropshipper Canada that's right for you?

    Dropshipping Canada is by far the easiest way to get an e-commerce business off the ground and up and running. Our goal is to become your reliable dropshipper Canada partner that handles all the backend work of your business. We promise to be reliable, prompt with our communication and we will treat your business like it's our own. We have helped many brands get off the ground and we are looking forward to speaking with you about yours. We love what we do and by helping others grow their own businesses we are strenghening the community, creating wealth and providing jobs for others. So we believe in what we do! Call or email to get started! - Andy B